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For my Final Project research I am interested on meditating about the sensible connection between nature’s behavior and human body’s functioning. This past months I have been thinking a lot about one) the fact that what we do to the Earth, we are actually doing to ourselves, and two) the call to minimize human’s impact on the Earth regarding the waste of its resources.

 The question now is how to reach that. How to deliver a message strong enough to make people think about these themes? How to conciliate my love to nature with my frustration regarding what do we do to it? How to conciliate the aim of show nature’s beauty with the need of make people raise awareness? How to be able to both alert people about human destruction and invite them to experience life in a more human way-sensible way?

Source: www.resistance2010.com


 I certainly do not have the answers, but I really believe that the inquiry is worthy to discuss. My choice will be to use this wonder circumstance to trigger more and more question concerning the nowadays-Modern-Western (dis)connection with naturalness. I am interested on raise awareness about human decisions and its inevitable consequences.

Throughout the realization of a video dance/video art I am willing to invoke intimacy and vulnerability. I would like to establish visual metaphors to highlight the vital influences that both Earth and Human beings maintain between each other.


Travis Bedal - visualnews.com
By Travis Bedal – Source: www.visualnews.com


As references I am considering some artist that work with natural patterns and human body –such as Mathilde Roussel, Zachari Logan, and Travis Bedal. I am also being inspired by thoughts about human synchronization with more universal behaviors –such as the notion of golden ratio natural patterns, and the spiritual acknowledgment of human energy connected with its surrounding.

I am hoping that embodying nature –the name of the video piece– will be an invitation to calm down the quotidian machinery of life and truly reflect about the essential aliveness existent in nature. Why? Because nature is everything, because we are part of nature, and because we are nature as well.

Zachari Logan - theenglishgruop.co.uk
By Zacharu Logan – Source: www.theenglishgroup.co.uk

I am still figuring it out how would I make this connection clear. I am willing to assemble natural landscape with human body presence. I do not ambition too much actions happening, but rather to build a contemplation state in which the vital natural relation might be revealed. I chose to use spoken words to better land my query.

The following text is a first approach to what would be said:

Let’s talk about sense. What does it make sense to you? How much sense of being do you hold? How many times you hold you breathing per day? Are you exhausted? Do you like to be exhausted? Do you waste your energy? Do you value your time? Do you consider yourself as a being? What does it make you alive? How do you live your life? Where are you going? Are you going alone? Are there any traces? Are you afraid? Are you here? Do you hear your surrounding? What does it say? How many voices do you differentiate? Is anyone yelling? Is anyone in danger? Could you help? Would you help? Do you feel pain? What is painful for you? How do you sense?

[KGVID width=”854″ height=”480″]http://www.greenworld.nyc/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/The-loose-leaf.-2.mp4[/KGVID]

And, finally, this is a domestic footage I would like to share with you guys. I really like it. In a way I believe it represents what I am looking for. The loose leaf.

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  1. I like where you are going with this, particularly with the concept of the human body as landscape. I enjoyed looking at Mathilde Roussel’s work very much, and I think how she works with texture and form is a good way to visualize your project. I would recommend you to look at the work of the photographer Carl Warner, he uses the human body in interesting ways to create what looks like natural landscapes.