My Friend The Plastic Bag

Everyone should watch the short movie Plastic bag. Not just because it is narrated by the prodigious filmmaker Werner Herzog but because it is the story of a plastic bag that right after being left behind by its creator –its owner– starts a long journey of plastic indestructibility and endurance. The story is a first person narration about how a plastic bag is a material that can survive many, many, many things.


 It is amazing how the movie makes one think about human’s alienation regarding both property and productivity. We think we own what we possess, but that is not always the case. We think that things are made to satisfy our needs, but what does it happen if things do not serve us anymore? We think that a simple plastic bag is there for us to be used; but once we get rid of it, it will actually remain long after us. To throw away a plastic bag does not means that the plastic bag will disappear. To throw it away is really to produce and to accumulate more and more waste. To engender plastic pollution.

Plastic bags are not disposables, and is not just our duty as Earth’s inhabitants to refrain its fabrication. It would be actually a smart decision to keep the track of them so to stop the hyper production of plastic bags. If we meditate for a moment about our consumption of plastic bags, we would probably agree that at least one-third of the plastic bags we have had in our entire lives could have been a reused one. That is a lot.

Where do we start? As always, getting informed is a great first step. But also a great way to proceed is to open minds regarding waste material. We should give a second thought about the beauty that might emerge from garbage.

4.Illustration- Rob Biddulph. theguardianIllustration: Rob Biddulph. Source:

Researching for this post I found out about Garbage Gone Glam. This group is looking for an environmentally conscious marketing practice. Basically, their business is to sell. But along with this, I believe they wide the concept of reusability and fashion. They sell dresses from garbage fabrics.

Recycle Runway is another great website you may want to check. It is Nancy Judd’s project to merge art, fashion, education and environmental issues. She designs dresses that came out of waste as well. She seeks to bring together these worlds so to incentive a more smart and beautiful way to reuse waste materials, revealing how consumerism is a huge cause of our waste production.

There is many ways to take care about plastic bag waste –all waste actually. Certainly a good idea is to use plastic bags as a raw material to make the things we already need. We need clothe, bags, huts, and shoes –among many other things. Why do not use plastic bag to make them? They came in so many different colors and patterns!

To reuse, to recycle and to reduce is much easier and funnier and beautifier than what we imagine. We just need to go beyond the alienated supposed need of new brand products and disposability.




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