Wrong Intentions But Positive Change

Photograph: Carlos Barria/Reuters
Thinking back, I read an article in The Guardian and I freaked out a bit; in a good way.  By 2017, Georgetown, TX is to be running off of 100% renewable energy.  Not only was this exciting because I am from Texas and know exactly where this town is but also because a whole town running off of renewable energy is a big deal.  I was shocked to be reading that it was a town in Texas.  It is sad to say but very true.  Texas had a huge oil boom around 2008 and the industry has since continued to expand and grow.

Active Drilling Rigs in Texas. Via oilfield services company Baker Hughes, the map above shows all of the current 898 “active drilling rigs” in Texas (blue triangles are oil rigs and red circles are gas drilling rigs), and helps to graphically highlight the shale oil booms in the Permian Basin area of West Texas, and the Eagle Ford Shale boom in the South-Central area of Texas. according to Baker Hughes, “active rigs” are those on location and drilling or ‘turning to the right’. A rig is active from the moment the well is initially “spudded” (when a oil drilling bit penetrates the surface) until it reaches its final “target depth.”
The Guardian wrote, “In 2014, the city signed a 20-year agreement with EDF for wind power from a forthcoming project near Amarillo.  Taking the renewable elements up to 100%, SunEdison will build plants in west Texas that will provide Georgetown with 150 megawatts of solar power in a deal running from 2016 or 2017 to 2041.  With consistent and reliable production the goal, the combination takes into account that wind farms generate most of their energy in the evenings, after the sun has set.”  This was exciting news that the town was using wind and solar power instead of another form of renewable resource.
Although the article did focus on mostly positive outcomes of this change they chose to focus on a negative subject as well.  They focused on how the members of the town are in it for the wrong reasons.  Now I understand where they are coming from and how everyone should do positive things because they want to make a difference.  Unfortunately, that is not how things always go, but looking at it why does it matter?  They are still changing for the better and that in and of itself makes a positive change on the environment and the communities around Georgetown even if it’s with the wrong intentions.
In the article they quoted a 50 year old who said something I found extremely true and meaningful.  The 50 year old said,“They were just looking out for the cheapest deal. That’s just business, I don’t really think we should be relying too much on oil, even though they have to right now.  That [doesn’t] last forever.  [The] sun will, though.  [As] long as the sun comes up, the wind will blow.”  This particularly stuck with me because it is so true. Oil is a resource that will not last forever.  It is only a matter of time before it is all gone and who knows what that will do to our environment.
I found this really interesting video over fracking:
I thought this was a really good animation of fracking and was actually quite shocked to learn some of the facts that the video included such as: Fracking has been used over a million times in the USA alone or over 60% oil and gas wells are drilled by using fracking. How much do we need to destroy our environment until we realize what we are doing is wrong? Fracking has long term effects and whether we see that now or 30 years from now it will be up to us to end this. We have alternative resources; it is up to us whether we take advantage of this now or not.

“We made fracking a civil rights issue because that is what it is. We have the right to a healthy environment and clean water; so do our children.” – Lewis Gordon Pugh

“Fracking kills, and it does not just kill us. It kills the land, nature and, eventually, the whole world.” – Yoko Ono


The Guardian article – Texas Opts for 100% Renewable Energy