World of Fallout

Kanoko Sato stands in a deserted Gym in Ukedo.
Kanoko Sato stands in a deserted Gym in Ukedo.

In 2011, one of the world’s most disastrous event happened: the Fukushima Meltdown. There were over 19,000 death tolls, and Fukushima has become an abandoned place. Also quite recently, TEPCO (Electric Power Company), admitted that they announced the initial meltdown after two months. International regulation notes that if the damage to the reactor core exceeds 5%, then a meltdown should be reported. The damage to the reactor core had passed 50%, but according to BBC, the company did not make it public for two months.

As Professor Peter Terezakis has told us, nuclear energy is becoming less and less popular. The problem is mainly, however, is that because of few people, many innocent civilians were effected, negatively.  More than 160,000 have evacuated, but wouldn’t the situation be different if few people decided to be less greedy, or ignorant?

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Masayoshi Kawada sits in a ramen restaurant in Namie.

Also, there are minorities who suffered with the meltdown. According to EcoWatch, 104 of 300,000 young people have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. It is very sad that a man-made disaster has caused negative effects to youth.

Residents who used to live in Fukushima now have a hard time coming back to their homes, because they started to build new lives in other places. We, as privileged students, rarely have these type of experiences. We should constantly think about our man-made disaster, and be aware of what we (as human beings) have done to the environment.

A Japanese child in the area affected by the Fukushima meltdown has her thyroid check. Photo credit: