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Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Concept Art
Fallout 4 Concept Art

The game Fallout 4 has earned considerable fame in the last few months. The game earned around 100million in the first 3 days, and shipped 12million copies on launch day. Obviously the game is an enormous franchise, and many have experienced the world inside Fallout 4.

Interestingly, the world of Fallout 4, is what it sounds like: a post-apocalyptic world caused by nuclear products. The character must survive through the dangerous of radiation, and have to go through the wasteland to accomplish missions. The wasteland is full of dangerous things, such as animals affected by radiation, and crude humans who try to take resources from you. Here is a link to the gameplay trailer.

A Screenshot of The Wanderer Trailer

What is so amusing about this game, is that this post-apocalyptic world is a believable world, or could be even a portrayal of our future. In the game, natural resources, such as water, are very rare. Finding healthy food is expensive, and difficult. Also, when you eat radiated food, you get damaged from radiation, and your health bar becomes limited. If you swim in a radiated water, the same effect occurs. You basically go through the game as if you were going through the real “earth” after a nuclear war.


The game had gained some harsh reviews, mainly because of graphic issues. However, the main important part here, is that it makes us aware of where we, as human beings, are headed. Look at this stock check graph found from BBC:


We are going to run out of very important resources, such as Coal around 2042. We are using resources for short term gain, and we are not thinking in long terms.

I want to make an artwork similar to Fallout 4, where people can experience the gruesome future beforehand. The world of Fallout 4 becoming a reality is inevitable if we continue to use nuclear energy and neglect natural resources. If you play the game, you realize how easy it is for the player to die, and how excruciatingly hard it is to find pure water.


Midterm Project

For the mid-term project, again I am trying to portray a world that could possibly happen if no one decides to change the current world. I want to alarm everyone of how lack of resources the earth have, and that a wasteland like that of Fallout 4, could potentially be waiting for us.

Fallout 4 Concept Art

Although I haven’t done a lot of realistic drawings of an environment, I would love to create a world similar to Fallout 4. If environment illustration does not work, I will make a story book, about what world we may have to live in the future.

I would do sketches, then color, then to final shading.

Here is the trailer for the game if you are interested: