Urban Farm Video Tour

I am lucky enough to intern (apprentice) at a small urban farm and garden in Brooklyn. It’s a beautiful beautiful place to work. The land was claimed by Dutch back in the colonial days and those ambitious colonists built this tiny house (seen in the video) in the 1600s.

The farm itself is very small and needs a lot of love, but the land has so much to give (besides poor semi-toxic soil). Its just been waiting for some people to discover all that it has to offer.

All that we grow on the farm is shared. We give produce and herbs to any one in the community who wants to stop by and check Wyckoff out.  This tiny farm is smack in the middle of a densely Caribbean community in Brooklyn but those that visit and volunteer love this little chunk of earth as much as I do if not more.

There’s such an odd sensation as I push my bike down the sidewalk on Clarendon Road and enter the gates of Wyckoff farm. I feel like I am quite literally stepping out of New York City and into a green world full of farm cats, walnut trees, and mugwort.

The second I leave those gates I’m back in the world of poorly paved roads, ridiculously slow subways (the farm is located at the last stop on the L train, Canarsie), and concrete. This contrast is so palpable that it makes me laugh every time I enter or leave the farm.

I hope that this video captures some of the magic of Wyckoff Farm and I hope whoever watches can laugh with me when they enter the gates.

Learning to balance these two worlds, urban and natural, is the only way forward so we must embrace whatever nature we discover in the urban, and vice versa (as odd as that may feel).