Update on Indian Point Documentary (final project)

Hey class! We have interviewed Alfred Meyer and we have been reaching out to some environmental health experts at NYU Langone Medical Center who are experts on how radioactivity affects the human body.  We are hard at work trying to arrange some kind of interview with an Entergy employee and gain access to film at Indian Point. In addition to that, we are looking into speaking with more activists who are passionate on the subject matter, and Indian Point particularly.

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Info-graphic showing the 50mile radius from the site of Indian Point Nuclear Facility
Info-graphic showing the 50mile radius from the site of Indian Point Nuclear Facility


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  1. Also if anyone is interested here are the questions we asked Alfred During the Interview!


    Can you describe some of the effects that Indian Point, and nuclear power plants in general, has on local communities and the surrounding ecosystems? In specific regards to nuclear waste/tritium.

    As a member of Physicians for Social Responsibility, in what specific ways do you see the operation of Indian Point as irresponsible? Is it worse than other nuclear power plants?

    Why do you believe that nuclear energy in an unsustainable means of harnessing energy? Specifically in regards to the World Nuclear Industry Status Report?

    Can you speak in particular about the December 2015 shutdown and of your knowledge about the plant’s regulation (or lack thereof)?

    What are some of the risk factors in operating a nuclear power plant close to the Hudson river?

    What do you believe a future without Indian Point would look like?

    Why do you believe the general public views nuclear energy in a “greener” or more positive light than fossil fuels?