Update on Final

Since my last post, I have gotten a lot further with my project.

I have shot at Striphouse 3 times and am going back for a final shoot on Wednesday. As of right now, I have about 10 A edit shots from shooting. I have been shooting with medium format. Unfortunately, shooting medium format comes with disadvantages at times. The light in the kitchen at Striphouse (where I have done most of my shooting) is not the best light for med. format. As a result, I’ve decided to switch over to using my DSLR for the final shoot in the kitchen. Although I prefer to shoot film, digital allows me to work quicker and adjust to the lighting situation.

I am also planned to shoot at Ronnybrook Farms (a happy farm in upstate) on Thursday. I will be bringing my DSLR to shoot but will also bring my medium format camera as the lighting situation will be much better and I will have ample space to use a tripod. I am also going to Suffolk Farm on Sunday to shoot there as well.

I am currently in contact with the head chef at Gallagher’s restaurant to try to schedule a shoot there. I am also trying to get a hold of Pat LaFrieda, the company that supplies both Striphouse and Gallagher’s with their meat products. They have a location in New Jersey where they house all the meat before it is shipped and I am trying to get access to shoot in there.

If I am able to get access to Gallagher’s and Pat LaFrieda, then I feel that I will have a very hearty group of images to choose from to build a strong storyline.

I have decided to add another aspect to my project. I am currently taking a Multimedia class and learning audio. I am going to make an audio clip to incorporate with my images. The audio will consist of an overlay of cows and sounds of the farms with sounds of the kitchens (preferably the sounds of knives and sizzling). I think that by juxtaposing the two sounds it will make the photographs more impactful.

Finally, I will add a written component to my project. While I have not sorted it out yet, I know that I want it to contain brief facts and arguments for supporting happy, local farms over factory farms.