Trying to embody nature

For my Final Project, I created “Embodying Nature”, a homemade video that relates images from nature and part of the human body.  As I explained in my midterm post, I am interested in raise awareness to how much human beings’ behavior affect the Earth.  As a body practitioner –performer, choreographer, and teacher– I am particularly interested in considering the functioning of our bodies as a metaphor of nature’s natural way of be.


Picture from one of the locations I shot the video


Regarding my process, I had three shift moments that I would like to share with you, reader. The first one was in the beginning when I was defining how would the project be shaped.  I knew I wanted to do something with my body, but I was not sure that I wanted to create a performance.  As oftentimes happened to me, I had this feeling that just a dance piece, just a body-based experience would not be enough.  I wanted to deliver a message, so to speak, so I needed to be clearer about its deliverance.  Just a body would not be enough this time.

So I decided to make a video and to incorporate voice.  I though these decisions would help me to both widely share my thoughts and make them more legible to the public.  I chose to utilize the format of a questioner because I consider that it would trigger the activation of the watcher’s the voice.  I believe that open released questions can be more powerful than stationary answers.

Great, the first problem was solved.  The form was chosen.  But then, towards the end of this process, I realized that my definition of widely shared video stays in a narrowed English speakers scenario.  So, after working on the questions and shooting the video, I decided to translate it into five different versions, five different languages.  At least I would be able to communicate my viewpoint to Russians, Indonesians, Arabs, and Chinese.  And actually the incorporation of different languages was something that greatly gratified me. It was great to connect with the languages’ own rhythm and sonority.  I believe that it certainly helped me to build the intimacy I was looking for.

Finally, I encountered the dilemma of how would I conquer my professor’s requirement to positively influence ten strangers with my project. Of course in the beginning I had too many too extravagant ideas of how would I share my video with eco-friendly organizations and thus have a great stretch with it though them.  Almost like my video would be an artistic audiovisual symbol of such a noble fight.

But the truth is that time and resources are limited.  At least that is the way it is in my nowadays-life.  Anyways, I decided to land my ambition into a simpler but nonetheless connective way to share my viewpoint and the project: my friends would help me share the video with their friends and family.  And the invitation would be to continue this chain of sharingness.  Funny enough, me, a Chilean 28-year-old woman that is not really friend with social media fast and ephemeral way to connect people, would finally take advantage of it.  It is for a noble cause at least, right?

To make my project even more shareable, I complement the video with the following statement/invitation.  I believe that the idea is always to generate dialog! (Like the open questions tone I commented earlier)


   I am interested in meditate about the sensible connection between nature’s behavior and human body’s functioning.  I believe that what we do to the Earth, we are actually doing to ourselves too. How to minimize human’s impact on the suffering Earth?  I certainly do not have the answer, but I really believe that the inquiry is worthy to have.  

Through this homemade video,  I want to open up the discussion regarding the modern Western (dis)connection with naturalness.  I am willing to reflect about human’s vulnerability.

I want to share “Embodying Nature” with as many a people as possible, so to establish a global dialog regarding Earth’s destiny. Each person has her/his own way to speak, to feel, and to see the world. Let’s share them!

Please forward this video. And do not hesitate to contact me to if you want to collaborate or just talk about these issues.

This project has been a great experience.  I would have liked to make a better video in terms of quality though.  But I see this project more as a seed than as a final product.  I would certainly produce a better video in the future.  (But I would argue that the homemadeness of the video makes the invitation to take actions regarding Earth issues more amiable and possible to do).   I would like to add more languages as well.  And, who knows, maybe I would be able to share it through an important eco-friendly organization.  Or maybe the organization would be mine.

After all my explanation of this process, I would like to encourage you to visit my Youtube channel so to watch the videos and then, hopefully, to share them!