This is who I am


Mejor + Sumar

I am a 28-year-old Chilean woman.  I am a Masters candidate in Arts Politics at New York University.  As an active cultural agent, I want to meditate around art’s social duties.  I am interested in extending the arts to a wider community and specifically on encouraging the embodiment through the dance practice.

As a body practitioner, I seek to facilitate intimacy as a key component in the arts.  I believe that such intimacy is discovered through the acknowledgment of both personal and collective identity.  My approach to movement and artistic creation is strongly connected with my need to recognize the personal story behind each person, place and circumstance. I am interested in how people share space and time throughout the acknowledgment of the own body as an aesthetic and political experience.

As a choreographer, I am interested in navigating different aesthetic codes so as to expand the way I can engage with audience and content.  My themes have always been related to identity.  I use different materialities to connect dance’s ephemeral experience with a more concrete imaginary. I use the symbol and metaphor to represent subjectivity.

As a teacher, I seek to release the body from previous techniques and inert manners.  I have developed a methodology to approach movement called “Body Narratives Lab.”  This practice looks for the personal bodily manifestation of the own story, and people’s unique and organic way to move.  Through guided improvisation exercises, I invite people to approach movement alternating between the particular physicality of the own body and the symbolic scope of embodiment.  I want to invite people to encounter their own particularities so to get rid of the imposed uniform-bodies.

Because my main interest regards identity and its manifestation throughout the body, the way I approach my practice seeks to embrace what is the story behind the body and the personal encounter of a sense of belonging.  My aim is to acknowledge people’s agency and to build confidence about their own corporality and way of inhabiting the world.  I believe my practice is constantly in development, in which projects and pieces represent seeds that invite dialogs.