There are Worse Things than Filming in the Park on a Sunday

(Because I study theater, it felt appropriate to begin with a Sondheim reference.)

That’s a wrap!!!

Today I finished the second and final day of shooting on The Sorry Project.       IMG_0049 (1) Although the weather was uncannily cold for April 10, it was a beautiful day and we got a lot of great footage. I had 5 incredible dancers : Benjamin Freemantle, Yvette Lu, Sydney Zusman, Lauren Soto, and myself.  all of whom were incredibly focused and committed. I am incredibly grateful for each of them


We filmed in Riverside Park and at my DP/Producer, Justin Scholar’s apartment building in Morningside Heights.


Today was more about the dancing. Last time we got a lot of b roll footage that will be great for getting the point across.  We did start the day getting a few more of the articles on film, including floating one in some rocks on the bank of the Hudson, but it was mostly about movement.


I am especially proud of the work we did on some park steps. I was able to finesse a piece of complicated choreography onto the steps so that the dancers were essentially rolling and flipping down the concrete steps in unison.


Now it will be time to edit. This will be a challenge mostly because 1) I’ve never edited a film before and 2) I will have to determine not only which shots showcase the choreography most cleanly, but which shots most clearly convey the meaning behind the choreography.

IMG_0047 (1)

I am very proud of what I have achieved so far and I am excited to put together a final cut. I am going to very seriously try to have a cut ready for the 4/22 Open Arts Showcase.

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