The Depressing Truth and Reality on Oil

I have never been too aware of our eco system lately before watching Garth Lenz’s Ted Talk named “The true cost of oil”. I had a misunderstanding, almost, on what exactly is going on with our world. I simply condemned those who threw trash on the street, and somehow, I thought doing that could justify my ignorance of the ecosystem.

However, after watching Garth Lenz’s talk, I realized how devastating and serious problems our world currently holds. According to Lenz, there are 800 bird species found in North America, and there are also many indigenous people currently residing across the boreal. What really upset me, and alerted me to solemnly contemplate about oil matters, was the fact that people, humans just like us, had to eat fish that are carcinogenic in order to survive. This is caused by oil pollution. The tar sands are returned into tailing ponds and they flow into the Athabasca river. By 2030, according to Lenz, there will be four times increase in production, which in size could industrialize the size of Florida.


I think it is crucial to start acting, and becoming more aware of what actions I can pursue to at least slow such harmful productions that are hurting the eco system. Not only life of animals are on the line, but life of humans are also in danger. I don’t think we can simply ignore this matter and continue.


by Zero