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CitySeed – Final Project Reflection

Everything came together and CitySeed launched our first event on April 21st in preparation for Earth Day 2016! It was amazing to spend time with NYU peers planting microgreens and basil in up-cycled dining hall containers. We had a solid attendance; even Peter and the Dean of Tisch, Allyson Green, came and planted #CitySeeds! A reflection and photo slideshow of our first event is available on the home page of our website!

cityseedaltdesignOur website highlights our inspiration for starting the company, as well as instructions for making your own #CitySeed, and a little about us and our mission. You can contact us through the website as well.

It has been a long journey to see our company blossom (botany pun). We are so thankful for our classmates and Peter for all of the positive feedback and tips you have shared with us! Thank you so much!

Co-Founders, Skyye James and Jacob Fertig
CitySeed Co-Founders, Skyye James and Jacob Fertig

Skyye James (my co-founder) and I believe our company will continue to host events and develop our products! We are looking to speak with the NYU Office of Sustainability over the summer and plan ahead for next fall. In the mean time, check out our website for updates and follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

Our microgreens in up-cycled containers



Update – CitySeed Launch

My CitySeed co-founder, Skyye James, and I are in the midst of planning a launch event on April 21st (in preparation for Earth Day)! We have been working on a program to run at Brittany Hall, the freshman dorm on Broadway and 10th Street. The program’s main activity will be planting CitySeeds with each resident that attends. We will be monitoring the CitySeed growth these participants see through the social media hashtag #MyCitySeed. Students will share pictures of their healthy plants before the semester concludes.

We also had our first photo shoot to begin building our website with original media content.


We started planting microgreens and basil, which usually begin to sprout in 5-10 days! We will keep you updated with plenty of pictures and videos!

Follow us on social media! Our Instagram AND Twitter handle is @cityseednyc ! We will definitely follow back!

In my last blog post I shared pictures from the experimental film I had been working on. Well, I’m finally done and the I’d love it if you could watch and share it! I want my kids to grow up in a nuclear free world, and I hope this film will make more people agree with me!


City Seed: Relevant Info

Within the past year or so, San Francisco became the first city to ban the sale of plastic bottles.  This ban on plastic bottles will ultimately eliminate the sales of plastic bottles in public locations.  Anyone who violates the ban is likely to face fines up to $1000.  San Francisco’s goal is to eliminate ALL waste going into it’s landfill by 2020.  The city has already banned plastic bags and plastic foam containers in attempt to reach their goal. San Francisco is supported by the Think Outside the Bottle Campaign, which challenges the use of plastic bottles and promotes clean tap water.

Let’s follow San Fransisco and start this in NYC!

Check out The Story of Bottled Water , which accurately portrays the realities of the bottled water industry.

The goal of City Seed is to use already existing plastic and create something meaningful so that it doesn’t go to landfills and harm the environment.  However, we hope that City Seed will eventually educate people on how harmful plastic is to our environment and ultimately work to eliminate plastic entirely.

We are inspired by the Spunky Urban Wall Garden, which is a garden created from recycled plastic bottles in Brazil. This is a fun way to decorate a college dorm room and it looks beautiful too! We want our #cityseed plants to emulate this garden.

soda-bottle-wall-garden-1 timthumb


Our City Seed Instagram will be live VERY SOON. We will be posting our progress so far. Follow us @ cityseedNYU !!!


City Seed – Greenery for the Concrete Jungle

Just because you don’t have a lawn or garden doesn’t mean you have to live separate from plant life!  I’m working with Skyye James to launch a company called City Seed, which brings plant life and all its benefits to dorms and apartments across big cities like New York.

Skyye mentioned in her blog post that plants filter out our air through photosynthesis.  Now imagine the impact of placing one medium sized plant in every dorm and apartment in New York!  We could begin the process of reducing CO2 emissions just by surrounding ourselves with luscious greenery!

City Seed Advertisement Logo
City Seed Advertisement Logo

What makes City Seed unique?  We are using 100% up-cycled containers to package our seeds.  This means our plants can live comfortably in the containers they sprout in, and when they get bigger, the customers can choose to transplant them to a larger containers for the plants to thrive longer!

The first product we plan on testing in our up-cycled containers on sunny windowsills is lavender.  Lavender has a lot of health benefits, including decreasing stress through aromatherapy and healing minor burns.  I grow lavender at home in a large pot by my window, and the distinct aroma travels all over the house!  Best of all, it’s proven to relieve headaches, burns, insomnia, stress, and much more!

Lavender in small container
Lavender in small container

Imagine if college freshmen had a natural stress reliever in their dorm rooms!  And it doesn’t end with lavender.  We are hoping to trial various other plants with stress-reducing and ailment-relieving benefits, like peppermint and chamomile!

Lastly, City Seed teaches young adults about small scale agriculture, a very important skill to have.  We live in an age where much of our food is imported and/or genetically modified for color, shape, and a longer shelf life.  By learning how to grow your own plants with help from our instructions, up-cycled containers and awesome soil mix, you can understand what natural agriculture looks like.  Believe me when I say it’s rewarding to see the organism that you tend to, thriving!

My biggest task going forward will be the media for our company!  I’m planning on creating a short video advertisement and how-to video for growing our seeds at home!  I would also like to create a Twitter and Instagram account for our company to reach out to young people living in small spaces within big cities.

I’m beginning to take a look at a bunch of short videos about planting lavender so I can decide what is most important to show customers as well as decide the best way to show it!

We can’t wait to bring #CitySeed to your windowsill.