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Love me some black Mercedes lung (just kidding…)

On my walk to class this morning, I made a quick stop at Liquiteria for my favorite smoothie, Bulldozer with added strawberries and blueberries.  While waiting for my order, I looked out the window and instead of the usual dog walkers and cabs flying down 6th Ave, I saw a beautiful black C 700 Mercedes Benz waiting out front. I remembered this assignment and decided to go outside to get a closer look to see whether or not the driver was idling. Sure enough, she was texting on her phone with the AC on.  I snapped the photo above and got her license plate number and she was sitting on the corner of W 8th and 6th Ave.  It made me feel like a detective (a secret dream of mine since I was a kid) so I think I’m gonna keep this up.  Unfortunately, idling is destructive and in no way do I hope to see more of it occur. However if it does, I plan on staying aware and taking action.


Change The World, One Scoop At A Time

Save Our Swirled (S.O.S.) Climate Justice Now!
Save Our Swirled (S.O.S.) Climate Justice Now!

There is no denying that I love ice cream, but I also love companies that use their power of voice for good. Ben & Jerry’s is an ice cream corporation that has been dedicated to our world since the beginning. They are bringing facts to the public in a quick and easy to read format.

“5 Things That Will Happen If We Burn All the Fossil Fuels”

  1. Antarctica will melt
  2. Sea levels will rise 200 feet
  3. No more orange juice
  4. We could easily sail around both poles
  5. No more mansions in the Hamptons

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are two friends who co-founded this company in Burlington, Vermont. They are activists and are creatively engaging with the climate change movement through art in the form of ice cream. The video below reminds me of James Balog‘s photographs of the glaciers and the power of an image combined with facts. For many, glaciers are distant and hard to appreciate unless they have seen them personally. Ice cream; however, is something that almost everyone is familiar with and can understand. This video is kid friendly and has a message for all ages.

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream has fans around the world and they are constantly inventing and creating new flavors. With the ability to bring in new flavors at anytime, they are able to start a conversation with their consumers and the greater public. One of the latest inventions is called “Save Our Swirled” also known as “S.O.S.” Besides being a Raspberry ice cream with marshmallow and swirls of dark and white fudge, it also has an important message…”if it is melted, it’s ruined!”

Ben & Jerry's, Save Our Swirled (S.O.S.)
Ben & Jerry’s, Save Our Swirled (S.O.S.)

They care about the planet and are active in finding a solution to climate change. Many employees were at the Climate March last year. Ben & Jerry’s uses simple but powerful words to educate the world on the issues that are plaguing our planet today. They have an audience and are using their voice to create awareness and change. Below is their idea of four basic solutions for helping slowdown climate change.

The four basic “quick fix” points to solve climate change:

  1. Divest from fossil fuels
  2. Increase renewable energy sources
  3. Put a price on carbon pollution
  4. Work with developing countries to invest in renewable energy

Ben & Jerry’s is also know for their truck tours around the United States, bringing free scoops to fans of their ice cream. Now they have teamed up with Tesla, Elon Musk’s invention, and are using that it as their environmentally friendly car.

Ben & Jerry's teaming up with Tesla
Ben & Jerry’s teaming up with Tesla

Different environmental organizations have teamed up with Ben & Jerry’s in their movement. “Protect Our Winters Wants to Freeze Climate Change in Its Tracks” Avaaz, “one of the world’s most powerful online activist group”, has partnered with Ben & Jerry’s Climate Justice plan. They are seeking people to sign the Avaaz petition as the world prepares for the December 2015, Paris Climate Summit. Ben & Jerry’s have been mobilizing their employees and fans to be active in contacting their political leaders. They idea is that the more of the public who stands up and voices their love for our planet Earth, the more our political leaders will do something about climate change.


…Died & Buried. Fossil Fuel made of Sweet Cream Ice Cream with Chocolate Cookie Pieces, Fudge Dinosaurs & a Fudge Swirl. 2005-2010.

Flavor Graveyard, Fossil Fuel
Flavor Graveyard, Fossil Fuel

Global warming changed cherry blossom blooming date in D.C.

Last weekend, my friend and I went to Washington DC in order to see the National Cherry Blossoms Festival at Jefferson Memorial Park. Actually not all cherry blossom trees are in full bloom yet due to our long winter. Some of them are even just buds. It was also very cold walking around the Tidal Basin. However, according to the weather reports, the experts estimated that the cherry blossoms are set to hit peak bloom this weekend as the festival attract big crowds for its annual parade.

Photo by: Zhi Yang

The National Park Service says the trees are predicted to be in peak bloom tomorrow through Tuesday. They bloomed about the same time the past two years. NCBF’s website shows the current record for the latest full bloom period for cherry blossoms at National Memorial Park was in 1993 at the time the flowers were not fully bloomed until April 11.


Because of the global climate change, it was only three years ago the news from International Business Meteorologist Krissy Klinger said that cherry blossoms could be blooming during winter. So, the flowers were in bloom from March 18 to 26. According statics, the peak comes around April 4th every year usually. The chart above shows the peak bloom of each year from 1993 to 2011 and the below one shows the average temperatures at Washington D.C. from February to March which explain the relationship between the cherry blossom and weather. Klinger reports indicated that the not just the flowers, but also other plants, temperatures are the main driving factor behind the blooming period of cherry blossom, but extreme precipitation deficits can also exert an influence on the threes peak blossom.


Climate changing affects every country and its plants. For instance, when I was young in Beijing, we used to have new leaves and buds on the trees at the end of February or beginning of the March. During 1990s, spring in north part of China is much longer than now. We also had a traditional customs called “Taqing”, in which mean going out and watched new-bloomed flowers with your family. Now the spring is getting shorter and shorter due to the global warming. In 2012, the weather was still snowy on April 18 in Beijing. Then on the May 1 2012, the International Labor Day that we have a three-days public vacation, the temperature jumped into twenty-five centigrade directly. We had a spring less than two weeks in that year. Lots of flowers just bloomed shortly then faded away because the temperature is too high. The same thing also happens to Japan, which cherry blossom is the national flower in this country. The national parks with cherry blossom trees located in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kyoto, Fukuoka are all delayed their cherry blossom festivals since 2008.


A seventy years old man and his grandson go to “Taqing” in Yuyuantan Park, Beijing.

source: www.news.cn

Thich Nhat Hanh: “The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.” That is also can go back to the key concept of the class, in which I thought that we should pay attention and cherish our homeland before it became into ruins.