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The Final Snap

As everyone is well aware, my project throughout this semester has been to create a snapchat by NYU students for NYU students to become more aware of what we’re doing wrong on campus and easy, quick solutions to reroute ourselves. I think it’s so important to start with your own community before trying to change the world and that’s what I did here! NYU actually has an office of sustainability that does a lot to make sure the campus reduces its carbon footprint and waste in general. But it’s a two way street, and we have to play our part if we expect significant change to happen. What i’ve realized after interviewing the many college students that I did is that everyone is well aware that there is a problem, but they are so caught up with the business of life, that they’re waiting for someone else to start the change. And that waiting is what is dangerous.

This snapchat has been a great opportunity for me to deliver this information to the students of NYU in a way that is easy and fun to swallow. Because snapchat is so quick and easy, it is the perfect platform for this demographic, because students don’t have to take the time out of their busy schedules to get informed: I’m providing them with information in 10 seconds or less, in a way that is also entertaining.

In class, I’ve realized environmental issues are presented in documentaries in sad and miserable ways and I wanted to take the complete opposite approach tonally and try to make people laugh: because yes, the environment is in a bad place, and yes NYU has a lot of work to do to become better, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun in our activism!

So instead of babbling on about what i’m trying to do, let me just show you with these compilation videos from my snap stories:

So a huge part of the success of my project lies in viewers! It’s important to me that students are seeing the snapchat, because that is my target audience. Since I interviewed a lot of strangers and went around campus, I made every student I met add me on snapchat and the results have been great! As you can tell from the picture below, each little ten second (or less) clip gets an average of 60-80 viewers! My hope is to be able to pass the snapchat onto Peter and another student can take on the role next semester to keep this an ongoing way to reach out to our NYU community and get us on the list of greenest campuses across the USA!

IMG_0534 IMG_0535

City Seed – Greenery for the Concrete Jungle

Just because you don’t have a lawn or garden doesn’t mean you have to live separate from plant life!  I’m working with Skyye James to launch a company called City Seed, which brings plant life and all its benefits to dorms and apartments across big cities like New York.

Skyye mentioned in her blog post that plants filter out our air through photosynthesis.  Now imagine the impact of placing one medium sized plant in every dorm and apartment in New York!  We could begin the process of reducing CO2 emissions just by surrounding ourselves with luscious greenery!

City Seed Advertisement Logo
City Seed Advertisement Logo

What makes City Seed unique?  We are using 100% up-cycled containers to package our seeds.  This means our plants can live comfortably in the containers they sprout in, and when they get bigger, the customers can choose to transplant them to a larger containers for the plants to thrive longer!

The first product we plan on testing in our up-cycled containers on sunny windowsills is lavender.  Lavender has a lot of health benefits, including decreasing stress through aromatherapy and healing minor burns.  I grow lavender at home in a large pot by my window, and the distinct aroma travels all over the house!  Best of all, it’s proven to relieve headaches, burns, insomnia, stress, and much more!

Lavender in small container
Lavender in small container

Imagine if college freshmen had a natural stress reliever in their dorm rooms!  And it doesn’t end with lavender.  We are hoping to trial various other plants with stress-reducing and ailment-relieving benefits, like peppermint and chamomile!

Lastly, City Seed teaches young adults about small scale agriculture, a very important skill to have.  We live in an age where much of our food is imported and/or genetically modified for color, shape, and a longer shelf life.  By learning how to grow your own plants with help from our instructions, up-cycled containers and awesome soil mix, you can understand what natural agriculture looks like.  Believe me when I say it’s rewarding to see the organism that you tend to, thriving!

My biggest task going forward will be the media for our company!  I’m planning on creating a short video advertisement and how-to video for growing our seeds at home!  I would also like to create a Twitter and Instagram account for our company to reach out to young people living in small spaces within big cities.

I’m beginning to take a look at a bunch of short videos about planting lavender so I can decide what is most important to show customers as well as decide the best way to show it!

We can’t wait to bring #CitySeed to your windowsill.

Green World gets a Snapchat

I have been thinking about what to do for my final project since this course began back in January. Ever since I started learning about the horrible state of the environment, I have been paying much closer attention to the circumstances around me. That got me questioning…How green is NYU?

When researching the greenest college campus in the United States, I found that NYU was not any of the lists compiled by The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE).  I then started thinking about all the different aspects of college life that I witness on a day to day basis that could be improved and made greener. There’s a lot of stigma around the phrase “going green” as it implies some sort of lesser standard of living where a huge sacrifice has to be made.  But that is not at all the case.   People are simply afraid of change, especially in college, where students sometimes forget to feed themselves let alone find time to worry about how “green” their habits are.

I took on a different form of research: field research, which involved going around and observing.  A simple walk around my dorm building made me realize several issues that could be easily fixed to make our campus greener and more sustainable.  If I begin with my room, I can already point out two problems:  The heater is always on in every room that I go into, and the lights are always on, even when people aren’t home.  If we go to the bathroom, my roommate, for example, leaves the shower on for thirty minutes before he goes into the shower.  The hallway?  Lights are on 24 hours a day.  The trash room? Recycling and compost are always mixed.  The dining hall?  Palladium salad bowls are non-recyclable and all take-out boxes are non-reusable.  Transport? NYU buses leaving every ten minutes leaves a huge carbon print on the city. NYU does indeed go a long way to try and stay green in a metropolitan city like New York, but there’s a long way to go .

So this a problem to say the least.  The question becomes, how are we going to call people’s attention to it.  I think the most effective way to get messages across in modern day is through social media.  So I thought it would really fun and engaging if I began a Green World snapchat, where I take followers on day to day adventures of living on a college campus.  The aim is to point out simple errors that we collectively make and furthermore simple solutions to make our school a greener one. The tone will be humorous and light to keep people my age interested.

Add me @greenworldnyu to follow my adventures around NYU green life
Add me @greenworldnyu to follow my adventures around NYU green life

The goal would be to get NYU on the list of greenest universities, and while that might take some time, there is no reason we can’t start future green world students on the right track now.

Another really great perk to the Green World snapchat is it is a great way to showcase other classmates’ projects as well.  Not only would it help them get their idea across to more people, but also would provide my project with more areas to look into.
So, here is the snapchat.  This might sound like shameless advertising, but add me!