Sustenance or Sustainability?

Although my pantry has remained sparse for the past weeks due to a recent move and a correlating reliance on food delivery and/or restaurants from lack of time, there are still a few interesting items to be examined.

From what I noticed of the packaging, and of typical trends for the food I purchase, the green-washing of products is quite commonplace. Quite literally, the products in my pantry such as sugar and quinoa are presented in green packages of different hues, and prominently displaying an array of green marketing labels, such as US Grown, GMO-Free, USDA Organic, and, –a recent addition to packages everywhere– the Gluten Free seal (which I personally feel is unnecessary on a package of raw quinoa).


img_6965 img_6964

One thing that struck me was not so much the packaging, but the ingredients of what one pantry-member, Skippy Natural® Peanut Butter, possessed. While it’s packaging is not green like the rest, the presence of the natural label does provide an assumed promise of healthier alternatives. When in the grocery store a week back, I do recall briskly comparing the ingredients tab and noticing far fewer within that of the Skippy Natural® compared to their normal selection. However, upon further examination I noted the product contains palm oil, a healthier alternative to more hydrogenated oils utilized in peanut butter yet also the source of much controversy due to its plight of deforestation. While it is an almost inescapable oil in today’s world, I would assume the most natural method would be to utilize additional peanut oil  rather than oil from a completely different organism.img_6961 img_6960



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