Shattering My Ignorance

I finish reading these documents and I cannot help but feel ashamed for my own ignorance. This lens of viewing the world through leverage points, falsely represented information, and skewed understanding overwhelms me as I begin to think about how I may be able to bring about some kind of change in awareness and support for saving our planet.

One phrase from Donella Meadows’ writing about leverage points sticks out prominently in my mind: “Every paradigm is limited, including the one that shapes your own worldview.” I realize how inconsequential I seem in relation to the entire system. Maybe the next step is to find the most accessible leverage point.

I think back to my beautiful trip to Aspen, CO over the holidays and the beauty of the winter scenery.

 IMG_2911 IMG_2918

Staring at these graphs makes me nervous for two reasons: 1) these graphs indicate a clear and consistent trend of warming and 2) I do not understand the specifics of most of what is being presented. My horror with the second realization makes me understand that herein lies a beginning to a major problem: ignorance. And this ignorance makes me further understand just how true Donella Meadows’s writing is about how easily our living can be influenced. This is the world in which I live, take from, destroy, everyday and I don’t even understand what exactly is happening to it.  It’s time to start.


3 thoughts on “Shattering My Ignorance

  1. I completely agree with you, Josh. It is hard to see who is actually right and wrong in the way that media often reports news from a business perspective rather than a humanitarian and environmental view. I also recognize myself when you say that you do not always understand the facts that are being presented in graphs and that you fear ignorance. On many occasions I have tried to inform myself about environmental changes but it is true that without the proper background, it is sometimes difficult to understand how monumental of an impact the information presented in these reports represents.