2 thoughts on “Safe To Drink…?

  1. Thank you for the information Caleb! I was confused as well because New York City water as of yet is not compromised. It seems bold to use the DEP’s name in a fake warning label and I agree it is not the most responsible way to go about it. But it certainly caught my attention and perhaps if it were tweaked it would be a really powerful campaign.

  2. I saw one of those in Silver a few years ago and did some research. It seemed odd because there is no fracking in New York City’s watershed, or in the entire state. Turns out it’s a hoax, but a clever and well-intentioned one designed to raise awareness about the dangers of fracking. nyc-dep.org is not a real website, and instead redirects to a crazy-looking facebook page. While I think it’s an interesting and humorous campaign, I think it’s problematic that the stickers are fairly convincing impersonations of official documents. Misleading the public in this way, even for a good reason, is in an ethical gray area.