River Watch

GreenWorld’s first expedition to the River Project’s amazing Wet Lab on scenic Pier 40!

Thanks to Nina Hitchings (River Project’s Wetlab Manager and Head of Interns) we learned a little about the waters of the Hudson River and some of the surprising forms of life which it supports.   While we could have learned a lot more, this was a first visit for all of us but for some, not the last.  Knowing that the Billion Oyster Project is nearby, that world-famous Striped Bass have returned along with onerous-sounding, visually challenging Oyster Toadfish, delicate Pipefish (and their close relation, the seahorse), as part of the 200 different types of fish that make the Hudson River their home, gave us new appreciation and insight into the long-term positive effects afforded by the Clean Water Act of 1972.

The River Project
The River Project at pier 40, NYC