Rio’s Olympic Water Problem


The Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro during the summer of 2016, however the water pollution poses an issue to the Olympic organizing committee. The head of the city’s Olympic organizing committee claims that the water will be clean by the summer. Many athletes have gotten sick or contracted infections while testing and practicing for evens based in Rio’s waterways in the past few years leading up to the Olympics. An investigation was conducted and determined that all of Rio’s open-air water venues contain harmful viruses and bacteria due to pollution. In order to combat this issue, Carlos Nuzman, the Rio Olympic organizing committee’s president, says viral testing will be implemented and new sewage systems will be installed to ensure athlete safety. In order to guarantee that the water will be clean by the summer, the city will take on a $4 billion expansion to the sanitation system. The city of Rio has secured more than $1 billion in loans from Japan for the project, but still need more funds in order to finish the project. Prior to this upcoming Olympics, the International Olympic Committee did not require host cities to conduct viral testing on their waters, however are going to require it for all cities.

One thought on “Rio’s Olympic Water Problem

  1. This is really interesting Allison. It’s frightening to see that water pollution is starting to affect not only the locals of such cities, but also massive events like the Olympics. I am curious to see how this will shake up corporations when everyone begins to understand that they are the main ones responsible behind water contamination, and how the government will step in to make decisions. I think it’s a positive step that the International Olympic Committee is taking in requiring host cities to conduct viral testing on their waters.