Pennsylvania and Energy

PA_wind dies sun sets
Billboard in Pennsylvania

As I was on the bus from New York to Pittsburg, I saw this massive billboard stating “The wind dies, the sun sets, PA Natural Gas and Coal”.   This sign was posted on the rolling green hills among thousands of trees in the countryside.  I was shocked by the message and negativity towards clean energy.  According to Edward Bernays, in the book Propaganda, “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society.”  This “manipulation” is targeted toward certain interest groups, which may not be looking out for the interests of a certain community, state, country, or the planet.

The billboard that I came across is promoting the drilling and destruction of our natural land.  It is also destroying the positive message of renewable energy.  Words such as “dies” and “sets” are proposing an end to this form of energy.  It is misleading and creating doubt towards wind and solar energy.  With some proper research on renewable energy they would fully understand the science behind the use of wind and sun energy but not everyone takes the time to do the extra research.

Caran Atlas says that “economic power makes it’s own politics. Superintendents and coal companies have power because they can give people jobs – or not – but neither are elected power.” (If You Really Care, Page 299) We talk about power, who has it, how is it used, and how do we shape it every day. I am not sure how we can save our land and promote safer and cleaner energy sources but I want to try.