Peddler’s Creamery

Hello Green World,

I wanted to reach out and share a company that I discovered.  Last semester, some of you may have noticed that many of my posts were about food, sugar, and nutrition for children.  I am still very passionate about these issues and working on various projects around these matters.

One of the companies that I grew to value more last semester was Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream.  They not only produce originally flavorful products, but they also have social issues such as fair-trade, rBGH, and GMO labeling  that they stand for and support.

Ben and Jerry's "Issues We Care About"
Ben and Jerry’s “Issues We Care About”

Ben and Jerry’s social entrepreneurial business has inspired me to keep searching for more businesses that are aware of their impact on the environment and their communities. Peddler’s Creamery is built on the foundation of people churning ice cream by riding a bike.  There is even a Peddler’s Club where you can go in and peddle for different “sweet rewards“. They focus on local products and leaving a smaller carbon footprint on the planet. “5% of profits will go to social and environmental causes“, is what they pledge on their website.  So maybe the next time you are in Los Angeles, you can head over to Peddle’s Creamery for a ride and a scoop of ice cream.

Customer Churning Ice Cream
Customer Churning Ice Cream