One last update…

Cheers to what is (hopefully) the last update on my final project!

As of right now, I am still working hard to shoot one last time at either Pat LaFrieda or Gallaghers. I have still not had the best of luck but, again, am optimistic.

Last week, I went to Ronnybrook Dairy Farm to photograph some happy cows. That was truly one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. I got to lay in a wide open field with massive animals and have them lay with me, sniff me, and lick me. I got to pet and cuddle with cows and even meet a calf that was born earlier that day. (pic below)


Being able to be with these animals and have such a personal experience with them really hit home for me about why I am so passionate about animal rights and happy farms. It also reiterated how terrible factory farms truly are. I wish that everyone who is adamant about eating meat could share that experience that I had because I am confident that even the biggest meat eater could never even look at another steak and find it appealing after being up close and personal with such gentle, sweet, and beautiful creatures. I’ve attached a couple of my B edit shots below.

_mg_6314 _mg_6352-edit

Beyond that, I have an edit of 64 photos to choose from (wish me luck). Tomorrow, I am printing them all out very small (4×6) and will be sequencing them into the series on my wall at home- I will add photos to this post of that process as it happens tomorrow.

My plan for the final presentation is to have two large images (I already know which ones but I want it to be a surprise) that juxtapose one another side by side. I will then have my artist statement explaining my project followed by the rest of the series. Under specific images I will have facts about factory farming versus happy farming to clarify why happy farms are better. I will also have facts about the meat and dairy industries as a whole and why they are ultimately harmful to our environment. All of this will be accompanied by an audio clip which you can listen to here. It is a combination of sounds of the steakhouse kitchen and sounds of the happy farm. I will include a small explanation about the audio within the layout of my project as well.

Overall, I am really excited about this project and how it has turned out! I have some great shots that really speak to what I am trying to say about happy farms. I have met some amazing people and had some amazing experiences.