One Down, More to Go

So far I have researched and completed one zine covering a few small scale gardening concerns. I went through quite a few different designs before landing on a style I like. I think what I came up with is cute like a zine and visually appealing to get people interested. Zine

I’m working on how to distribute it now that I’ve produced one I’m happy with. I want to immediately start working on my next zine. I have some topics in mind but I need to do more research and narrow it down to zine size. I’ve thought zines were interesting for while but had never made my own; I’ve really enjoyed making my own and am excited to move on to my next one.

2 thoughts on “One Down, More to Go

  1. This zine is so cool! I love that they are pocket sized. I would love to see these printed in bulk so that you can spread the word and inspire people through this unique project!

  2. Would this be a mass production distribution? Ideally you are trying to reach as many people as you can, right? You might want to try pass them out during Earth day. Earth day at NYU is likely to have many events that would love to hand out something as handful as your zines!