Nukebusters Short Film Contest

A call for anti-nuclear weapon films just came to my attention; click the image below to get to the Physicians for Social Responsibility site.

We haven’t gone over radiation as an environmental hazard in class, yet.  But if you are interested in subatomic particles emitting ionizing radiation in the world around you  there’s an on-going issue in San Diego that is worth reading about (as if Fukushima, Hanford, Tritium leaks in groundwater, nuclear waste disposal at sea, and radioactive particles attaching themselves in your lungs from the fracked natural gas isn’t enough ).  It is worth reading about because the two problems of the recently decommissioned San Onofre nuclear energy facility are common to all such facilities: what to do with the radioactive materials which are left behind and who is going to pay to move them to a “safe” area?  A link to the activist run San Onofre Safety website is in their image.

Just in case you are confident that there are infallible protocols and technologies in place for handling radioactive materials, you might want to read about how the wrong kitty litter precipitated an event at a facility for storing nuclear waste.


San Onofre Safety

Peter Terezakis
Greenworld, Art and Public Policy
University Artist in Residence
New York University 2015