Money, Money, Money, Money…MONEY

As I read “How the West was Lost: Ranchers Devastated by Fossil Fuel Boom” I noticed the recurring theme of money. How is it that when the government starts drilling for oil on your farming land, what you have devoted your life to, you starting thinking of the money you are receiving? The Turners, the family being affected in this situation stated, “The kids have been able to get a better education than we could have given them otherwise”. Yes, I am a person who believes that people should always look at the positive, but when these drillers, are invading your space and contaminating your land, your water, the money you receive should be the last thing on your mind. The water your livestock are drinking are then being passed on to the consumers of that animal. So, not only is it bad for the animals, but in turn bad for humans.

The companies are also only thinking about money, they want to make profits off of this oil. They do not care they are invading someones home, or ruing their livelihood. The workers want money, and the government wants money from the oil, once they accomplish that they leave. And like they state in the article, the workers are suppose to return the land to the way it was when they arrived, and most of the time they do not. This leaves thousands of acres that are now rendered useless to these farmers.