Midterm/Final Update-bio fabrics

Right before I left for Thanksgiving break on the 17th (11 days ago), I set up a container for the kombucha SCOBY to grow.  Following these directions, I doubled the recipe placed some cheese cloth over top and called it a day.  The next morning it looked no different from when I had first brewed the concoction and I was a bit worried that I had missed a step or killed the SCOBY with too hot of a mixture, but upon returning after 10 days, the fabric mat has definitely begun to grow and made quite a bit of progress.  Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of how it looked when I first set it to culture, but imagine a container full of green tea colored liquid and 2 little raw chicken cutlets floating inside.  It’s now progressed to be about an inch thick and it looks pretty disgusting, but surprisingly the vinegar smell is not as strong as I thought it would be.  Mine is seeming to be a bit lumpy or uneven and I’m not quite sure if that is normal or not–more research to be done and more time to let it culture.  I may start a second batch if I can find a proper container and place.



In other news, while I was home in San Diego I started to take photos of the clothes I created last year for the Gallatin Fashion Show (if you are in Gallatin and are interested in participating, apply here for this year’s show, the theme is Fashion and Power).  The theme was technology and my collection was based on the evolution of a star rooted in sustainability using mostly up-cycled materials.  I didn’t have all the pieces with me, but I wanted the photos to be a juxtaposition of nature and man superimposing the manmade clothing into elements of nature to emphasis the relationship between the two as they coexist while also highlighting the difference and effects of manmade items on the environment.  The photos were taken on 35mm and have yet to be developed, but here are a few I took on my phone as a preview.