Lies on Lies on Lies

Trump facts vs. True facts

During last night’s debate, Trump contradicted himself on the topic of global warming. Clinton calls him out.

This ties into the theme we saw in George Orwell’s 1984. The slogan of “ignorance is strength,” that  is reinforced in a dystopian community. The juxtaposition of war equals peace and freedom equals slavery, brainwashes the citizens into following the leading Party without question. Similar to the population of voters rooting for Trump.

If Trump wins the election, his ignorance and lack of truth and care about global warming and the environment will manifest into an increase of utmost harm for our Earth. He is similar to other climate deniers whom convince people that warming will help the environment. He is contradicting the past/present facts that show the short future of the environment. Like Big Brother in 1984, this contradiction allows the Party to keep existing but is in no way healthy to its community. The enforcement of ignorance is something that we find as a similarity between the book and Trump’s word.

The fight for healthy environmentalism is an ongoing battle, that not only the deals with the world we see but also the words we hear.