Leonardo DiCaprio and environmental change

If you didn’t watch the Oscars last night, you’ve most likely heard the news about Leonardo DiCaprio winning the award for Best Actor — something we Leo fans have been hoping for for a long time.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, celebrities using their social control and public appeal to bring awareness to world issues can be powerful and helpful. In his speech, DiCaprio mentioned the plight of our climate and world, mentioning the increase in global temperature from 2015. It’s sometimes tricky to decide whether or not celebrities mention political topics as a way of gaining positive publicity or not, but regardless, it brings attention to issues at hand.

While I do think that this kind of coverage can be beneficial to a lot of different causes, it is a bit frustrating that attention will be paid only when a celebrity decides to comment on it. There are a whole lot of issues that come with celebrity politics / what stigma comes with standing by your views, but I think it’s an important step to take. I think this is when using fame can be a serious motivator and can function as the push that a lot of society needs to understand and be informed about a lot of issues around the world. Here are some links to some of the coverage on Leo’s speech: