John Oliver – Climate Change

Global temperatures are rising, and 1 out of 4 Americans don’t believe in man made global warming. Bill Nye, continuous defender of climate change, joins John Oliver to help make his point.

The over whelming evidence is hard to dispute, and yet America continues to brush this enormous issue off their shoulder by dismissing facts. What will it take to convince the public that drastic changes must be made?

The “Consensus Gap”, as we call it, is one of the key roadblocks preventing us from taking serious action to mitigate the risk associated with human-caused climate change. False balance in media coverage of climate change,  is one of the main causes of the consensus gap, but changing this poor journalistic practice is a challenge.

The BBC, for example, has ignored viewer criticisms of its climate reporting false balance, and also its own review of impartiality and accuracy in its science reporting. CNN has continued to host these 1-on-1 climate ‘debates’ despite two prominent CNN hosts condemning its false balance.

Without changing the way we cover climate change, without telling the public the severity of how our Earth is warming, how will we ever get the public to act? The media is a powerful entity, and we must use it to its fullest potential and get the American people to take action against global warming.

One thought on “John Oliver – Climate Change

  1. I really enjoyed your post. I think that public figures like Bill Nye and John Oliver are great ways to start the conversation. However, I also believe that maybe there needs to be more coverage about people like you and me making changes to combat climate change as well. Paired with the celebrity coverage I think this could enhance the importance of the issue on the public stage. Seeing “normal people” take action makes it look way less intimidating. But, I agree, how will we get the public to act? I honestly don’t have an answer.