It’s Big! – It’s Beautiful! – It’s A Frigidaire

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Throughout the past few months, I have become more aware of the importance of preserving our water and being thoughtful with our natural resources.

Cooling, freezing, and ice. How are refrigerators and freezers used? Is there a better form of cooling and storage? The Frigidaire Company brought a “self-contained” unit into the homes of the people in 1923. Since then, we have created a society that wants and needs to purchase in large quantities. Due to our work and personal life balance, we are unable to go to the markets or store every other day for fresh ingredients. Our freezers give us the ability to preserve food for a longer period of time than in the past. Please note that I am referring mainly to the United States when it comes to our grocery shopping patterns and use of storage for our food.


This weekend, I was in Pittsburgh where I explored a famous fish market called Wholey. The market was broken up into a few sections. In the middle, it was the frozen packaged fish ready to be taken home while on the sides was the fresh fish on ice. In the back was the aquarium like tanks with live fish, lobsters, and clams. I was overwhelmed with the variety of seafood and eager to try all of the samples that I could find. However, my tourist mode came to a stop when I saw a sign saying how much ice is used everyday to keep the fish fresh and ready to sell. Now I love fish, I love fish markets, and I appreciate having it accessible to me, but I wonder at what costs.

Photographer James Balog

I instantly thought about the work James Balog is doing around the world. He is creating awareness to the glacial devistation occuring due to global climate change. I wonder how he feels about the use of ice in this format. Is there a better way to keep food fresh? Can we reuse the water that melts off from the ice?