It’s all about the money

An oil field in Canada (taken from google)

As I was watching Garth Lenz’s talk “The true cost of oil” I was simply shocked and disgusted to a point where I even felt nauseous.  As he explained more and more about the horrible effects these oil fields have on the local nature and the world itself I felt myself getting more upset, but when he put it into proportion for how huge these areas are I was simply dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe that people, let alone a country, would allow this to happen and  reach such proportions.

Thinking about this matter, I seem to gravitate towards seeing this as very primitive. It is truly hard for me to believe that in today’s modern world, where everyone is trying to be “smarter” there are still places and countries doing this. The only explanation for this is money. That is the only reason why people and governments will be willing to knowingly destroy our planet and even directly kill other people (the Aboriginal people).
There are many more ways to create the energy generated by oil, but then the oil tycoons won’t make their money. If they spent even a fraction of the money and time and energy spent on harvesting this oil on finding an alternative our world would be completely “green” in no time. But sadly that’s not how the money thirsty world works.