Is it Too Late Now to Say Sorry?

One of my favorite teachers here in New York City, Derek Mitchell, posted on Facebook today that,  “hard work is not simply relying on the work that you have already made, but rather is using what you know to create something unexpected.”   I can relate. 3417594_orig

I’ve never produced a film before, but I have this really strong desire to make a music video about the profound denial of climate change in this country.   I want to use Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” as the song and I want to delineate how our denial is going to bring serious consequences if not for us, then for our children.

Probably everyone in this country has at least in passing heard this song, which is exactly what I want.   I am a believer that people are more ready to listen to something that is familiar, so that is my goal.

Justin Bieber’s Sorry

I’ve choreographed films before, but never something quite like this.   I think that I’ve found a way to challenge myself and hopefully help bring this denial of climate change to the forefront.   Stay tuned.