Idling Cars

I indeed noticed multiple idling cars while walking through New York City this weekend. I was able to capture a picture of one car, a large SUV with the windows rolled up and someone inside using his phone.

When I see a car like this, I cannot help but feel angry at the idler’s selfishness, his inability to understand that his actions certainly affect those around him. This weekend saw temperatures in the 90s, and I was able to see the cyclical nature of this phenomenon; idling cars contribute to higher temperatures while higher temperatures cause more people to idle.

Like George Pakenham, I was tempted to go up to the car and explain to the driver that he is breaking the law.  Unfortunately, the risks of being harassed by a New Yorker frightened my Freshman soul….

(This photo was taken on September 6, 2016 on 8th Street at Astor Place)

One thought on “Idling Cars

  1. Joey, good job on this post and I applaud your passion. Let’s hold off on approaching anyone directly. Instead, funnel that energy into a work which will help change something for the better.

    I like the time stamp on the photo. The one I suggested in class puts the date on there as well: