Group Project: NYU Green (Midterm)

Hi Ladies,

I wanted to reach out as I know we would like to put together a project that means something and can leave an impact on our NYU World. This week I have been thinking about NYU’s lack of composting. The New York City Department of Sanitation has calculated that 1/3 of NYC’s residential waste is compostable. At my local market, I see dozens of hundreds of people bring their compost to bins which later get taken to a more eco-friendly composting facility.

I think we can become apart of this and help NYU transform the campus into a more Green campus. We have the NYU Sustainability group on campus and I think we could pair up with them on project or suggest our own and work within their frame work.

Some questions I have or projects I think we could do are:

How can we pass the “Green” message around campus? What can our cafes and restaurants do on campus? What can our library do to save more paper and not harm as many trees? Is this just NYU New York or could we branch off to other campus sites around the world?

Please let me know what you think. I am eager to get started and make real change!