Green Productions

Film sets are huge productions with hundreds and sometimes even thousands of people working on them all day. This means thousands of water bottles, disposable plates, cups and cutlery, running generators and vehicles. The days are always stressful for lack of time and there are millions of things to take care of and worry about from actors, lights, trailers, extras, props, and so on. The list can go on for days. The last thing on these people’s minds is the environment. This can create one of the most wasteful environments there are.

In recent years this issue has started to be addressed. The Producers Guild of America started PGA Green- green friendly movie sets. This means that sets started hiring “green teams” that are in charge of keeping the set green by recycling, having water coolers on set and distributing to crew and cast water bottles which they keep and reuse.

Screen grab from PGA Green video
Screen grab from PGA Green video on YouTube

There are now over 2,000 vendors for green sets. Their work include among of things  donating wardrobe at the end of filming, recycling sets and/or reusing them for future productions. There is now even a carbon calculator app that producers can download to see how much they are and can save environmentally and financially assessing utilities, waste management and transportation.
I’ve seen them at work on sets that I’ve been on, and have had friends working for these companies too. They would look through each garbage bag and make sure the trash was divided correctly.
I think this issue is very important and so easy for everyone of us to help the little that we can and make that little difference for a bigger change. Even on my sets as a director I make sure my crew use only one water bottle throughout the day or even the whole production. I try to use biodegradable plates and cutlery and recycle all our trash. Even though it is a small contribution- every little bit helps.