From Paris to NYC: A People’s Vigil for Preventing Climate Change

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Currently many of the world leaders are coming together in Paris to discuss the climate change on Earth. The goal is to have a “legally binding and universal agreement on climate 195 participating nations”. People have seen massive change in the weather they encounter each season. Weather is a common piece to life that brings all nations together. It seems that the leaders can agree that no matter our governmental and societal differences, if we want to live on this planet, we all need to work together.

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This next week, NYC citizens will be having a gathering about climate change as well. “It is our children and grandchildren who will inherit the world we are now creating- one of hunger and abundance, climate uncertainty and technological advance, cooperation and conflict.” The cathedral, St John Divine, has partnered with Food & Water Watch to bring people together in preventing climate change.


Each person and country’s actions have an impact on the next person or country. Whether people like it or not, we are all on this planet together and must take care of it together.
I hope people will join in, take action and be apart of the solution. We all have opportunities to make a difference. Every little bit, every little action makes a difference. Composting, using reusable grocery bags, using mason jars, using more public transportation…all helps.

Join the conversation on December 9th at St John the Divine.