Final Technical Update

So far so good!

I have finalized many aspects of my project. I have found a day that works for all of the dancers, and the videographer. I have also booked a room so we are set to record on Saturday. I have just finished a “storyboard” of how I want to edit the film, and what shots I will need at certain parts of the dance. The only problem at the moment is finding the long piece of cloth for the dance, the cost is proving quite tricky. I am trying to figure out a less expensive idea that will still convey what I originally envisioned, however time is of the essence. I think that I could also do the dance without it, but the cloth will add an another level of story telling. I talked with every dancer about the topic of the dance before I asked them to be in it, and every dancer had a very unique reaction to the phrases “climate change” and “melting of the ice caps”. I loved seeing their personal connection to the topic, and because of that I am going to rework the dance allowing the dancers a bit of improve time so they can bring their feelings to the piece.

After I get the footage I will edit the entire film as well as find some stills of the dance. Since I am filming Saturday and already know how I want to edit hopefully I will be able to get it done by Sunday night so I will have Monday to share it with people and get their reaction to the piece, which scares me a little.

Finally, I need to figure out how I want to arrange my presentation. I will most likely use powerpoint because it is what I am most used to. I am debating between if I want to present the research first and then the dance or the dance and then the research, and then maybe the dance again. I want my dance to be able to speak for itself.

I am excited to see the dancers preform this piece!