Final Project update

I’ve refined my original idea of a collaborative Wiki telling the stories behind Superfund sites into a collaborative WordPress-based blog about the stories behind all sorts of pollution and the communities it affects. Please check it out and leave some feedback if you get a chance! The full link, for now, is I’m working on purchasing a domain name, but reluctant to pull the trigger since I may want to change the title. What do you think about “Neck of the Woods”?

For now, the posts are “dummies”. I will add full content once I’ve solidified the concept and layout of the site.

Please feel free to use the Submit a Story link to add some content or make a suggestion for something you’d like me to cover.

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 6.30.57 PM

One thought on “Final Project update

  1. Interesting project.

    Domain names are $10.
    You can always migrate data to another server; or repoint new DNS
    to your “old” site. If you are going to build a website for this project,
    i would like to see a functioning website.

    Madeline Cottingham’s site and project is terrific; thanks for sharing that with everyone. She has created compelling documentary work and included a “call to
    action” within the PlayGrounds website:
    which you (and the rest of the class) could pattern after.

    It looks as though the oil companies have taken over the great state of Pennsylvania and using local and state government agencies to criminalize and harass state residents:

    Documenting stories and providing a forum to collect these stories (and images) may
    have long-term value. It looks like there is room for a lot of story telling in your own back yard.

    Good work Caleb!