Final Project Update

For my final project I have chosen to create a series of short clips in the style of BuzzFeed videos that demonstrate simple, eco-friendly ways to subtly change one’s lifestyle.  

“8 Eco-Friendly Bathroom Hacks”: An example of the type of video I would like to emulate by BuzzFeed.

Throughout my research I have come to see that there haven’t been many series of this type made specifically to raise environmental awareness, and that most articles are quite long, tedious, and don’t show people how to act upon what is happening to the world.

I’ve narrowed down my videos to touch upon the subjects of water, trash, food, and energy.  One source that did catch my attention is 50 Ways To Help The Planet, which is a series of green tips and explanations of why these tasks matter.  I have decided to weed through this list and extract the tips that strike me as the most simple, and non-invasive to people’s everyday lives, to then bring them to life via my videos. 

I have spoken to my friends about the project and many agree that it is a helpful idea as they are often confused by what is and isn’t eco-friendly.  They are willing to test out my videos and agree to give me their feedback on the efficiency of the tasks I will present.