Final Project Update

My project was to write a series of three plays that attempted to dissect the different players in the oil fracking industry, and the people who are affected by it. I collected my initial research and started to form the plot throughout the three plays. Then, I got started on the first two. Part way through writing though, we had a visit in class from George Pakenham, the Wall Street banker turned environmental vigilante. He shared with us his movie Idle Threat, which tracked his one-man journey of informing the public of NYC’s non-idling law. Through the film, not only was George able to spread awareness to thousands of people, but also gain momentum in enacting legal change to better enforce the law.

Inspired by the changes one man could make, my fellow classmate, Sam, and I asked how we can assist George in his mission. As of now, that George’s biggest need as of now is a strong social media campaign that will speak to our younger generation. Sam and I have a proposal for a twitter and Facebook campaign aimed to informing the public of the bill George is trying to get passed. Depending on George’s feedback, we might focus on one social media platform or even add another one.