Evolution and How it Works

I watched two videos over evolution today and thought it related to our discussion today.  I do not necessarily believe in the big bang theory but this was a great video and wanted to share.  I may just be biased because I come from a religious background and I myself am Christian.  But I do believe there was a big bang.   My version of the big bang is slightly different.  I believe the big bang but I also believe there is a creator.  In the bible there is a passage that says, “And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.” – Genesis 1:3.  I enjoyed Brendan’s short clip of “Noah” and thought it was accurate and a great point of view.  I wanted to share the videos because they are great animations and a bit humorous.

One thought on “Evolution and How it Works

  1. Love this little animation! Wish I had it handy back in 2012 AP Biology.

    Our Green World group is so wonderfully diverse… we have students from every corner of the globe and various schools of thought. I think society is at an interesting crossroads where faith and science are no longer enemies but interwoven ideals. Everyone finds their stance at a different point along the spectrum.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!