Everything is Backwards

16 degrees Fahrenheit on the day before Valentine’s Day used to be normal.

This used to be the time when New Yorkers were so sick of winter that the subways become full of conversation about the treachery of the weather.

But now, as I stand here on the 7:38am uptown A train on the way to midtown for an audition, no one is complaining, and I am grateful that the planet is still able to get this cold.

A View from the Center
A View from the Center of the Man Made Universe 

While on the small scale, my life seems to be (knock on wood) going in an ok direction, on the grand scale everything feels like it’s moving backwards.

Donald Trump won a primary, there are no actors of color nominated for an Oscar, our drinkable water supply is being wasted exorbitantly on fracking, and every day we as a species continue to destroy the planet in which we live.

Are we ever going to learn from our mistakes?

I’m inspired by acclaimed ecologist Sandra Steingraber, who, among many things, discusses that we are capable of opening the door to finding an economic alternative to fracking.

But does the adage “one door closes and another opens” actually guarantee a forward progression?

The obvious answer is no.

If I can’t be part of the movement that opens the doors to take us forward, I at least want to help permanently lock the doors that take us backwards.