Edward Nairne 1783

“Nairne patented several electrical machines, including an electrostatic generator consisting of a glass cylinder mounted on glass insulators; the device can supply either positive or negative electricity, and was intended for medicinal use.   In the eighth edition of the instruction manual for this device he claimed that “electricity is almost a specific in some disorders, and deserves to be held in the highest estimation for its efficacy in many others“.   He recommended its use for nervous disorders, bruises, burns, scales, bloodshot eyes, toothache, sciatica, epilepsy, hysteria, agues and so on.” — Wikipedia

Edward Nairne Patented Electical Machine - WikipediaEdward Nairne and his electrical machine, 1783

Houghton 90W-164 – Nairne electrical machine, plate I” by Edward Nairne (author) – *90W-164, Houghton Library, Harvard UniversityHoughton Library at Harvard University  LocationCambridge, MassachusettsCoordinates42° 22′ 23″ N, 71° 06′ 57″ W   Established1942Websitehttp://hcl.harvard.edu/libraries/houghton/Authority controlVIAF: 155530939LCCN: n80097499GND: 2037118-4BnF: cb11880590hULAN: 500307208WorldCat. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.