In the last couple of months I have come across ecofeminism–a third wave feminism that seeks solutions to power dynamics through taking action concerning animals, the environment, and of course patriarchal standards. Ecofeminism compares the oppression of women to that of nature, rooting in the idea that both forms of domination are fundamentally connected.  Although sometimes argued based on a certain kind of moral compass which I can acknowledge not every one shares, ecofeminism provides a new facet to view environmental issues.  If you consider yourself a feminist, an environmentalist, both, or even neither I encourage you to give some of this ecofeminist literature a read just to gain a new perspective.   To read more about the basics of ecofeminism click here.

For links to ecofeminist literature see below:

Power & Promise

Gender Bias

Animal Liberation

On the patriarchal system & animal agriculture

From Rupi Kaur's Milk & Honey
From Rupi Kaur’s Milk & Honey