Duke Energy: Complete Ash(holes)



When I lived in North Carolina I volunteered for the Charlotte branch of Greenpeace, one of the organizations most active headquarters. I was super fortunate to be a part of very beneficial projects like organizing the installation of solar panels onto our local high school. However much of the work we had to do in Greenpeace was counteracting the disastrous mistakes and negligence of the neighboring Duke Energy plants. Although coal energy has long been proven a harmful and antiquated source of energy Duke continues to use plants around the state as sources of power. Currently Duke Energy runs three active coal plants  and 5 “steam stations” in North Carolina alone. Two days ago (February 5th) marks the two year anniversary of Duke Energy’s irresponsibility leading to one of the largest coal ash spills in the nations history. The burst pipe full of coal ash (leading to a plant which Greenpeace had been petitioning for years) spilled approximately 39,000 tons of coal ash into Dan River. After the incident Duke Energy’s assured the readers of their local newsletter that

“Coal ash is a nonhazardous material, and the levels of trace elements it contains are similar to what you’d find in soil and municipal solid waste.”oilspill

Despite Duke Energy’s oh so comforting assurances oddly enough the Dan River’s water has tested positive for toxins like arsenic, lead and mercury since the 2014 spill. Accidents like the Dan River tragedy are likely to continue happening in North Carolina if the corporate powers of Duke Energy go unopposed. Like many corporate monsters Duke Energy is super tight with the North Carolinian government. The current governor Pat McCrory worked for Duke Energy for 28 years before running for governor of the North Carolina and winning, largely due to the millions of dollars donated to his PAC by… you guessed it: Duke Energy.

So what is there to do against coal spilling, thought out rhetoric corporate/political jackasses who would love to see the river go gray if it meant that they could buy their cousins in-law season passes to the Panthers?

Go to Greenpeace Charlotte’s website. Sign petitions!

Support the implementation of solar panels (Charlotte is one fastest solar panel implementing cities currently, as a result of the recent Dan River spill).

You can email Patty boy himself (probably his secretaries) here: http://governor.nc.gov/contact/email-governor

For more info on Greenpeace initiatives go here:

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