Continued Progress for Indian Point Doc… Not so much for the Power Plant Itself

Tucker and I have made excellent progress on our doc! We visited Peekskill, NY a town which overlooks Indian Point Power Plant. The walkway along the Hudson was quite beautiful, though the nuclear plant looming right over it was quite ominous. Here are some behind the scene pictures from our journey:


iPhone photo of Indian Point presiding over the Hudson River by Georgia Krause.



Tucker checking for tritium. 


Tucker overheating in his unnecessarily large jacket as he shoots footage of Indian Point power plant. 


Arriving at the Peekskill “Scenic Hudson Park”.


Tucker on the train to Peekskill, stoked about filming the power plant!


Additionally we have officially secured the rights to use the Scott Waldman interview in my last post titled “5 Years After Fukushima, How vulnerable is Indian Point?”

I am also in the process of arranging several interviews. One of the individuals I am speaking with and hoping to record an interview with is Arthur Ginsberg who worked for Indian Point power plant for several years.

I am also arranging an interview with Dr. Irwin Redlener the director of Columbia’s National Center for Disaster Preparedness and Dr. David Brenner, who directs Columbia’s Center for Radiological Research.

We are also hoping to get an activist perspective and someone who is currently employed by Indian Point.