Completely (Optional) Knowledge – Podcast by GreenPeace

Photo by GreenPeace
Photo by GreenPeace

Hey all

First I would like to start off by introducing myself, my name is Anthony.  I am a previous student of Peter who took this class, Green World just like you all, last semester. I am a sophomore student photographer here at NYU. A lot of my work recently has been about our environment, more specifically towards oil drilling and fracking. This class really helped me find my voice as an art activist and has helped me build a foundation for my work.

I thought you all might be interested in a podcast show that GreenPeace has put on called “Completely (Optional) Knowledge.” It is quite interesting because they take in calls/questions from listeners who are curious about some of the most random things. It is actually really great and entertaining to learn some of these facts. Definitely recommend checking out the site.

GreenPeace’s description of this podcast is, “Completely Optional Knowledge is the podcast that answers questions you never knew you had. Some things in life are #CompletelyOptional—satisfying your curiosity doesn’t have to be one of them.”

Here is the link:

I will be posting some of my work and even my final from last semester just in case some of you might be curious of previous student’s work.