Climate Change


While contemplating an environmental topic I feel most connected to, I came to the realization that I am most interested in learning about climate change, and how global environments have been affected by climate change. I wanted to post some of my favorite videos and sources about climate change, and what we can do to help prevent global warming.

“Our Changing Climate”

“Is 2015 the “Big Jump” – When global warming takes off

climate change and global warming possible solutions

Can we rely on wind and solar energy as solutions for global warming and energy efficiency?

Reading: Clouding the truth

I thoroughly enjoyed William O’Keefe and Jeff Kueter’s article, on the science of climate change. I enjoyed this article because during my search on climate change, global warming and the environment, many of the videos focused on humans being the problem. Whereas O’Keefe and Kueter’s article gave me a more realistic viewpoint while using  accurate scientific facts.

“Much of the global warming advocacy is built upon making citizens feel guilty for their use of energy and personal consumption and fear that their behavior will result in a climate catastrophe later this century. The solution is pen ance through sacrifice and increased government control over the lives of the citizenry.” -O’Keefe

Garth Lenz: The true cost of oil (Reaction)


I believe Garth Lenz’s Ted Talk on the True Cost of oil accurately depicted the devastation of our environment. Before watching the video I had no idea about the various ecosystems in Canada home to rainforests, indigenous people and wildlife. It is scary to me that what we don’t see, such as high carbon fuels and gases, are the things affecting our health and environment. I agree with Lenz that we should do what we can to ensure protection  of our wetlands and forests before it is too late. Garth sheds light on this issue by also suggesting that just being bothered by this isn’t enough. We need to act in order to ensure the protection of our environment and preservation of our freshwater.