City Seed: Relevant Info

Within the past year or so, San Francisco became the first city to ban the sale of plastic bottles.  This ban on plastic bottles will ultimately eliminate the sales of plastic bottles in public locations.  Anyone who violates the ban is likely to face fines up to $1000.  San Francisco’s goal is to eliminate ALL waste going into it’s landfill by 2020.  The city has already banned plastic bags and plastic foam containers in attempt to reach their goal. San Francisco is supported by the Think Outside the Bottle Campaign, which challenges the use of plastic bottles and promotes clean tap water.

Let’s follow San Fransisco and start this in NYC!

Check out The Story of Bottled Water , which accurately portrays the realities of the bottled water industry.

The goal of City Seed is to use already existing plastic and create something meaningful so that it doesn’t go to landfills and harm the environment.  However, we hope that City Seed will eventually educate people on how harmful plastic is to our environment and ultimately work to eliminate plastic entirely.

We are inspired by the Spunky Urban Wall Garden, which is a garden created from recycled plastic bottles in Brazil. This is a fun way to decorate a college dorm room and it looks beautiful too! We want our #cityseed plants to emulate this garden.

soda-bottle-wall-garden-1 timthumb


Our City Seed Instagram will be live VERY SOON. We will be posting our progress so far. Follow us @ cityseedNYU !!!